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Christine SpringuelChristine Springuel gets his easel painting degree at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Liege in 1988. Drawing Course at the School of Fine Arts in Paris in 1997. Painting course at The Art Students League of New- York in March-April 2011, 2012 and scholarship to the selected Résidence des Artistes in New York in 2013.

In New York, during a long artistic residence in 2011 and 2012 in the Workshops in New York, Christine has done research on architecture, walkways, the New York advertising.

Disregarding the city, this gave him the "pedestrian crossing". That really inspired the shapes and colors like architecture of life!.

She did an internship "and Paper Collage" with Martha Bloom, a New York artist famous when she had the opportunity to experience the practice of mixed media. Collage papers or other advertising and acrylic paint.

She had the opportunity to present a painting for the exhibition of Unicef ​​"Victim Japan" on the New York gallery in 2011 and his work was sold there.

Christine Springuel was sélectionnnée for "Canvas RTBF" in 2012 for the painting "The three stones" in the 300 artists selected for the virtual gallery in Brussels.

Christine was invited to Canada in 2013, in Quebec at Bishop's University in Sherbrooke Sculpture section and paint.

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